Dear reader, I would like you to take some time and you read through this list of steps that will guide you when you are buying land. There are countless sad stories of people that have lost money when buying land in Uganda. Genesis 2:15 Estates Limited is here to bring a smile on your face by offering you services related to land. We are the most Trusted land Agent in Uganda. These steps may help you save money. Please kindly share this information to help someone.

  1. Pray about the whole process
  2. Avoid speedy transactions. Land is not a cake that it will soon expire. There will always be land for you to buy so take your time. Many people have been conned through speedy transactions. 
  3. Use Genesis 2:15 Estates Limited the Most TRUSTED LAND AGEND IN UGANDA and you will not regret.
  4. Know the land tenure system of the land that you want to buy. (customary, mailo, freehold and leasehold)
  5. Be sure you are dealing with Trusted Land Agents before you visit the land or site with your agents.  
  6. GO THE SECOND TIME AND YOU VISIT THE LAND OR SITE ALONE and fact check with the LC1, Neighbors, children, old people or senior citizens in the area to know the story surrounding the land you want to buy.
  7. Ask for the Block and Plot number of the land (this you can see on the photocopy of the land title)
  8. Get confirmation from the land office by requesting for a SEARCH LETTER which is signed by the registrar at the land office
  9. Compare the information on the land title with that on the search letter from the registrar.
  10. Confirm that the owner cleared the bank loan in case of a mortgage and get a copy of the mortgage release letter.
  11. Make sure that you see the DUPLICATE LAND TITLE or confirm who is in possession of the duplicate land title.  Many people sell land when the land title is with a money lender, friend, father, brother, or at the bank.
  12. Confirm the legality of the names of the owner of the land. This you can confirm by looking at the National Identification details. Look carefully at the picture of the seller and the names. The names must correspond.  
  13. Engage the services of a REGISTERED SURVEYOR (Genesis 2:15 Estates Limited can offer you this service using its registered surveyors) to open the boundaries of the land to be sure of the exact location of the land and that the size of the land that you are going to pay for exists.
  14. At this level involve the neighbors to a avoid future land wrangles.
  15. Engage your lawyer (Genesis 2:15 Estates Limited can offer you this service using its lawyers)
  16. Make an agreement on the terms of payment and make the payment.
  17. Never ever pay for land at the Local Council office or with neighbors. Let the lawyer make a land sales agreement.
  18. Pay in the presence of your lawyer for acknowledgement and witness purposes.
  19. Confirm that the seller has signed and handed over the land title to your lawyer and that you have a dully signed MUTATION FORM and a TRANSFER FORM.
  20. These must be accompanied by 3 passport photos plus a photocopy of the National Identification. Make 3 copies of the National Identification and let the seller sign three times on each of them.
  21. Take POSSESSION of your land IMMEDIATELY after the payment has been done. You can engage Genesis 2:15 Estates Limited to offer you the service of LAND PROTECTION AND DEVELOPMENT.
  22. Secure your boundaries immediately  
  23. Start the process of transferring the land in your names immediately.  
  24. Engage Genesis 2:15 Estates Limited the most trusted land Agent in Uganda to transact on your behalf.

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